Dailey Training International is a triad sports management firm. Under its athletic, education and leadership departments the company will orchestrate training camps, friendly competitions and humanitarian efforts increasing athletic participation/exposure.

Prominent sport executives shall devise a blueprint to impart upon establishments across the universe. This protocol will result in the implementation of youth physical fitness programs and knowledgeable coaches to sustain them.


Dailey Training International will tackle the global initiatives of peace, tolerance, education, and physical health worldwide. Innovative sports programs and a comprehensive exchange curriculum shall equip nations with the capacity to develop skilled individuals who can position themselves for high school, collegiate, and professional athletic career opportunities.


  • To connect the world in the name of athletic competition and cultural experience.

  • To serve as a liaison between international athletes and American sports organizations.

  • To become the most sought after sport management company.

Goals And Objectives


  • Increase sport-specific skill development.

  • Promote international athletes’ residency and domestic status for US college placement opportunities.

  • Offer intensive off-season training for high school, collegiate, and professional athletes.


  • Implement year-round training, camps, clinics, leagues, and coaches’ seminars.

  • Conduct bi-annual high school combines and world championship events.

  • Design rigorous skill sessions with industry-leading coaches and performance professionals.


Dailey Training was established in 1997 by Mr. Eric Dailey, a ten-year professional basketball player who was a standout on major teams in Europe, Asia, and South America. Without having an agent, he mastered the art of negotiating contracts, managing travel arrangements, conducting tryouts; built relationships with general managers, and learned the intricacies of corporate business. Dailey’s most beneficial takeaway from his stint overseas was his multicultural social enhancement. This immense diversity laid the foundation for him to use sports as a vehicle to pursue dreams beyond what we believe possible.